If you’re into adult games, and looking for a hentai game that brings back the old-school fun of the NES, then Horny Arcana is for you. This sex game has all the action you’d expect from an adult game, but it doesn’t skimp on the nostalgia. It’s a very good choice if you like your sex games to be naughty but nice!

What is Horny Arcana?

Horny Arcana is a Japanese adult video game developed by Nutaku. In Horny Arcana, the player controls a group of adventurers who set out to explore a cursed forest where they’ll have to battle against hordes of monsters along their way. However, they won’t just be fighting for their life; they’ll also need to satisfy their hunger for pussy as well as their lustful urges when it comes to fucking some of the local women. In this erotic role playing game, players can choose how they want to play the game—either solo or with other people online through the game’s multiplayer mode. If you’re interested in playing this hot game, then read below to learn more about it.

How to Play Horny Arcana

The main goal in Horny Arcana is to go around the world and fuck every woman you find. You can do so by either going into town and asking a sexy NPC to join your party, or simply talking to them directly while exploring the map. Each lady you meet has her own unique set of challenges, which will require you to get creative in order to successfully seduce them.

For example, there are some ladies who might have a really bad mood due to something that happened, and only someone who knows exactly what to say can help turn that frown upside down. On the other hand, there are others who just might be too shy at first, so you’ll have to talk to them a bit before they start flashing those big, juicy tits of theirs. Either way, getting to know these women is important, because once you’ve learned each one’s likes and dislikes, you should be able to easily control their actions and make them do whatever you want.

Aside from the game’s main story mode, Horny Arcana also features a variety of side quests, such as collecting items, completing bounties, and even fucking certain NPCs. These side quests usually involve a lot of killing, which makes them perfect for hardcore fans of adult games. Furthermore, there’s also a guild system present here, which allows players to form teams together. The guild system is quite useful if you want to cooperate with other people and work toward beating specific enemies or bosses. Also, if you want to share your adventures in real time, then Horny Arcana offers an excellent chat function that lets you interact with other gamers online.

Is Horny Arcana Worth Playing?

If you’re into Japanese adult games, then Horny Arcana is definitely worth checking out. It’s a pretty decent game overall, especially considering its low price point. However, it does have a few flaws here and there, such as the fact that you’ll probably need to grind a bit before you’re ready to progress further. Other than that, however, this game provides a pretty good experience, allowing you to enjoy a simple yet fulfilling gaming experience.