5 Reasons NES is the Greatest Console Ever

While NES may not offer the best graphics or the multiple functions that people have come to expect from modern gaming systems, there is no doubt that it offers the most fun.

By today’s standards, it is a mere classic that can immediately transport its original users back to simpler times. From the iconic gameplay noises to the classic Nintendo logo that flashes on the screen after turning on the system, NES screams nostalgia.

As mentioned earlier, NES isn’t capable of connecting to the Internet or streaming music, but during its heyday, NES was the best thing to ever happen to the gaming world—and some may say it still is. Read on to discover why NES is considered by some to be the best gaming console ever.

1) A Game For Everyone

One of the best parts about NES is its inclusive connotation due to being filled with tons of games that greatly vary. Whether you’re a 13-year-old boy or a 73-year-old grandma, NES has a game that’ll be able to lose yourself in and become totally immersed. Filled with memorable characters and unforgettable storylines, NES possess an extensive game library that allows the user to find the game best suited for them, and then enjoy it time and time again.

2) Creative Characters & Storylines

NES is filled with games that’ll immediately take you back to your childhood and remind you of simpler times. From characters like Super Mario and Zelda, to games like Duck Hunt and Metroid, NES possess nothing but timeless games that can be enjoyed and appreciated at any age.

3) Ease of Use and Minimalistic Design

Some of the very overlooked and underappreciated factors that make NES so great are its simplistic design and usability. The rectangular controllers, with only two main buttons and a standard D-pad, make controlling the characters very simple and unintimidating. The console itself is a simple “box” shape and possesses little to no words except for “Nintendo Entertainment System.” It is a very simple and unintimidating console, making it great for all ages or levels of experience.

4) Interactive Accessories

One of the absolute best parts about NES is the interactive accessories. When I think about NES and the interactive accessories it offered, my mind immediately jumps to Duck Hunt and the gun accessory used to shoot the ducks. That game, in my opinion, is one of the most fun NES games to ever exist—simply because of the gun accessory and feeling like you are actually pulling the trigger and shooting those ducks flying across the screen.

5) Honest Packaging

On all accounts, you at least have to respect honesty. When it came to NES designing their game packages, honesty was what they were all about. Nowadays, many modern game packaging presents graphics and gameplay that does not accurately depict the in-game graphics, and instead looks better than the actual graphics. NES did the complete opposite of this and produced their game packaging with exact graphics from inside the games. The users knew what to expect, and therefore, were not left disappointed or let down. NES kicks ass. Simple as that.

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