Bunch Games: Poor Stuff Cheap

Sometime during 1990, Color Dreams had decided that they had had enough. With the release of sub-par Nintendo titles (such as Pesterminator), Color Dreams’ already iffy reputation began sinking even more. Color Dreams was already suffering from low sales due to the scare tactics that Nintendo used on retail chains across America.

Eddie Lin had decided that enough was enough. He thought that Color Dreams should use a different label for their lower-quality games. Al Bunch was hired to run this label. With this, Bunch Games was formed.

Overall, Bunch Games released five different games. Three of these titles (Galactic Crusader, Mission Cobra, and Tagin’ Dragon) were developed by Sachen of Taiwan. These titles were easily the worst of the lot.

Castle of Deceit was one of the better Bunch Games releases. It was designed and programmed by Judye Pistole and Anthony Henderson, two of the people who helped port Captain Comic to the Nintendo. Deceit plays very similar to Comic; however, the difficulty level is quite insane.

Moon Ranger was the best of the bunch (no pun intended). The game was developed by Odyssey Software, a videogame company located near Boston, Massachusetts. Odyssey Software would later develop several card games for American Video Entertainment, another unlicensed game company.

From the standpoint of a gamer, the Bunch Games era was one of Color Dreams’ darker moments. Things would soon lookup for them though.