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Michael Denio Interview

Finally! I finally got to interview Michael Denio, the creator of the awesome NES/PC game series Captain Comic. Oh how I like that game so much. I was quite looking forward to interviewing Michael, but he had seemed to disappear for all the old Color Dreams workers didn't know what happened to him. But finally I was able to track him down, and I'm glad I was able to. After all, being a fan of Captain Comic made this a fun interview to do.

MD: I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Most folks see the PC version instead of the NES. They were a lot of fun to write. I got to play the games as I debugged, so working was more like playing!

TWZ: Do you ever plan on reviving the Captain Comic game series? I would love to see this game running on Gameboy Advance, or even a 3d Captain Comic game.

MD: No. I still enjoy games, but I don't think about writting them anymore. The amount of work that needs to go into a modern game is well beyond the abilities of an individual. Plus now that I'm older, I don't spend 18 hours a day at the computer :) .

TWZ: Did you actually work at Color Dreams? Or did you just help with games for them? If you did work at Color Dreams, can you tell me some information about the experience?

MD: I didn't work for them, and only met them once at a trade show. Comic was one of the their first games, before they developed the game engine. I think you'll find that it has a different "feel" than their other games. We didn't know what to expect since everything was so new, but it did get a few US sales. The person who did the artwork for NES Comic went on to do several more games for them. All in all, it seemed like a good bunch of people.

TWZ: Did you work on any unreleased NES games? Did you have any plans of "porting" Captain Comic 2 to NES?

MD: Yes, I was working on another NES game, but I really wanted to write Comic II and the artist I was working with knew some people who wanted to write more NES games, so we decided to go our own ways. The unfinished NES game was trashed.

TWZ: While playing Captain Comic on the NES (this removed from the PC version), I noticed this glitch in the game. When you stand on top of the metal pole thing in the space area, if you press "up" the game glitches. Was their any plans for this, such as...a bonus room for example?

MD: This was a bug. I had "doors" in my code to take you to different worlds. When a door was unused, I put it at coordinates 0,0. You'll note you can't actually get to the far upper left corner of any world (except the space world). So, you actually went through a door, but where it put you was random garbage.

TWZ: Do you still have any old graphics/art/media relating to the Captain Comic games that you would be able to send me? Some of the old Color Dreams workers sent me some cool stuff...I almost forgot, do you have any of the Captain Comic files to be used with the old graphics program Nindraw? I have a copy of the program myself, one of the old workers sent it to me.

MD: I didn't use Nindraw. Comic was pre game engine code. I had my own tools that ran on a graphics processor. I honestly don't think I have any of the NES game files. Its been 12 years and I've had a few new PCs since then. I decided a long time ago that its not worth keeping old data. Its usually so old that when you go to use it you don't remember enough about it.

Captain Comic Box

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2


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