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6 in 1 --- Caltron

Throughout the life of the Nintendo Entertainment System, there were very few legal multicarts. One paticular cart compilation seemed to be quite popular for the unlicensed companies, I really don't know why. This was a specific 6 in 1 cart, made by atleast the following companies: Caltron, Myriad, and Home Entertainment Suppliers (HES).

A very limited quantity of Caltron cartridges were released, mainly to the rental stores and such. Games featured on this "Hot Selling" cartridge are as follows: Bookyman, Cosmos Cop, Magic Carpet 1001, Balloon Monster, Adam & Eve, and Porter.

I have never actually played any of the Caltron games except Bookyman, which happens to be on my highly *ahem* legal 350 in 1 Supervision multicart. Bookyman is a port of Make Trax, an arcade game. You run around painting a floor (?) while avoiding enemies, a funny but strange Pac Man game I suppose you could say. That is all for now. Pictures thx to Norig.

Front Of Cartridge

Back Of Cartridge


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