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PokerListings || January 8th 2010
*Complete guide to the world of NES!*
It's truly amazing to be able to announce that we've been getting some good recognition from a site called PokerListings, which is a guide to the best poker websites. The reason why they have awarded us is because they are working with promoting and supporting gaming projects that focus on great visitor values and exciting content, just like NesWarpZone. Hope all of you like the site as much as they do. For more information about this project, just head over to the site history section

Over Due Update || January 26th 2007

Happy New Year! Been a long time since the site was update. I just got cable internet and hope to make a few updates. I have fixed a few broken links and added a few random tidbits to make the site work better. My email has also changed, it now is

More to come . . . .

New Webmaster || March 3rd 2006

For those of you who don't know, TRM (Dave) has passed the administrative rights of the WarpZone over to me. ~~NGD (Jason Smith). I want to take this opportunity to thank TRM on behalf of the entire NES community for making and maintaining a great NES site for many years for us all to enjoy and learn from.

I will slowly redo the layout, and make some new updates. Nothing major is going to change, except the site name, so no worries. The old site at the address will eventually be down, so bookmark the new address

Everyone feel free to send me stuff that you think others might want to see if it is not already on the site, I will try and add it ASAP. We can all learn from each other, and I will gladly give credit for anything you send me way.

Minor Updates || March 3rd 2006

Since taking over for TRM, I have went ahead and changed a few things. His email address has been replaced by mine, I added/changed a few of the links, added a new band to the NES Bands list, and I have changed the history, collection, and credits pages.

I am working on a few new updates as we speak. One will be on all the test stuff, and I have some NES schematics I can upload for all to enjoy. Stay tuned.

I also added a couple new variant version numbers to the wisdom tree games section.

More Prototypes Part II || November 5th 2005

I added some more prototypes to the website. They are as follows: Captain Planet, Championship Rally, Darkwing Duck, Dragon's Lair, Duck Tales 2, Ghostbusters 2, Little Nemo: The Dream Master, Moon Ranger, NES Open Golf, Ninja Gaiden 2, Puzznic, Solar Jetman, Super Spy Hunter, Ufouria and Yoshi.

I have an article on the unreleased Nintendo game Fighting Simulator in the works, as well as some pictures of a French Legend of Zelda book. More will be added later, hopefully at a fairly reasonable date.

More Prototypes || October 15th 2005

Slaving over my keyboard at college (I could be going out...), I finally managed to add another update to the website. Prototype pages for the following games have been addded: Star Soldier, Baseball Simulator 1.000, Flintstones 2, Bubble Bobble 2, Mutant Virus, Trolls in Crazyland, Wario's Woods and Super Mario Bros. 2. The Super Mario Bros. 2 prototype page is really worth checking out, since there are lots of differences between this version and the retail version of the game.

I also added a picture of some Super Mario Bros. pins, courtesy of LuxKiller65. Now time to go back into my little hole for another few weeks...

War of the Dragons || September 4th 2005

Several kilometers away and a few weeks later, I decided to write yet another article for my website. The latest article is on the unreleased Nintendo game Dragon Wars. This article includes several juicy screenshots and some brief information about the game, for those yearning to learn more of the unreleased title. Click here to read about Dragon Wars!

The Time Has Come || July 8th 2005

Today's update consists of several different items, it is a mixed bag of stuff. To start the update, I have added prototype pages for the following games:

-Dragon's Lair
-Dragon Wars (Unreleased!)
-Impossible Mission II
-Kabuki: Quantum Fighter
-Roundball: 2 On 2
-Venice Beach Volleyball

The update continues with an article on Dr. Mario valentines. I grabbed a sealed pack of Dr. Mario valentines from my 4th grade teacher's yardsale...who would've known? Keep this link in mind for February 2006 and get your printers ready...

I also added a link to and I corrected a few errors and made some clarifications to the update posted below.

Last but not least, I have something else which I want to tell everyone. This update will probably be the last update to this website for awhile. I have been very busy with my job, and I will very shortly be going back to college (in about three weeks). Between these occurrences, my increasing social life, and a change in interests, I just don't have the time and energy to fully operate a website of this magnitude. I will be adding a few more pictures of the Dragon wars prototype, very shortly, though that will be it...for now. If something very interesting comes my way, I may update my website again...but this is it for now.

It's been a great six years, and I've enjoyed every moment of it. But now it is time for me to devote some time to some of my other interests: coin collecting, music (both playing and writing songs), German studies, etc. Do I still like/play NES? Of course, I love it! I'm just bringing it back to a gaming level, and out of a collectors level, again. It's been great folks, and thanks for all of the compliments, memories and contributions. Email me if you ever want to talk, I'll be around...that's for sure. Until then, signing off, Dave (TRM).

Interview With Ben Smith || July 17th 2005]

To some a hero, to others a celebrity. Today I have a really special interview for everyone, it is an interview done with Ben Smith. For those folks who are unfamiliar with Ben, he worked as a Nintendo Game Counselor back in the day. A few months ago (out of the blue) Ben had emailed me and I asked him a few questions. I also passed Ben along to my friend, Rob Budrick, who had actually met Ben (in person) during the Nintendo World Championships of 1990. Rob took the interview even farther, grilling Ben and obtaining tons of information...this is really his interview. Anyway, this interview turned out AWESOME and is a must read. Click here to read the interview with Ben Smith.

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