Top 5 NES Games of All Time

NES is the most classic of classic gaming systems that turned the gaming-world into what it is today. With its simplistic design and ease of usability, it quickly became a household item that people of all ages were sitting down to enjoy.

From its extensive game library to every last one of its creative characters and memorable storylines, NES is a timeless gaming console that some still hold to be the greatest ever.

Whether you agree with that claim or not, one must admit that NES did possess the best video games. With that being said, read on to discover the top five NES games of all time.

(In no specific order)

1) Super Mario Bros (1985)
There is a lot to be said about this game—but I believe it meant something different, something personal, to each one of its users, so I’ll refrain from talking about how my childhood wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for this game. Super Mario Bros…it’s a classic; it’s THE classic. With easily the most recognizable characters and story maps, this game found its way into homes, and hearts, all across the world.

2) Duck Hunt (1984)

Easily my favorite NES game, Duck Hunt became an immediate sensation due to its gun accessory that allowed you to become a part of the game more than ever before. From the laughing dog that kids all across the world learned to hate, to the spark of excitement you’d feel as you shot a duck and it began spiraling to the ground, Duck Hunt definitely had me on my feet every time I played it.

3) Tetris (1989)

Tetris is a game still very popular to this day. I’m not sure whether it’s the fun shapes of the bricks, the nice colors in the gameplay or the simple and straightforward objective, but either way, it has become a timeless game.

4) The Legend of Zelda (1987)

Ah, the holy grail of game cartridges. As soon as you pulled that gold cartridge out of the box, you knew your life would never be the same. The Legend of Zelda is actually one of Nintendo’s most prominent and successful franchises, selling over 75 million copies as of 2016. Tasked with rescuing Princess Zelda, the player must battle their way through multiple levels and stages to finally reach the kingdom of Hyrule and defeat the captor, Ganondorf.

5) Final Fantasy (1990)

One of the best fantasy role-playing video games, Final Fantasy quickly received praise and gathered a supporting fan base. Final Fantasy was later accompanied by a Final Fantasy II and has been the subject of multiple spinoffs and sequels. Final Fantasy has now become much more than just a single video game, but no one can forget where it all started and how great of a game it was.

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